Send Analytics Event

This action allows you to send custom analytics events to Segment. You can then setup Segment to forward this event to any of your other analytics providers such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Mixpanel, Heap etc. The full list can be found here.




Event Name

The segment event name

Event Properties

Custom segment properties

Source ID

Segment Source ID (get this from

Write Key

Segment Write Key (get this from

Finding your Source ID and Write Key

  1. Login to

  2. Navigate to Settings > API Keys your Source ID and Write Key should be listed here.

3. Paste these settings into the node configuration panel.

Event Name and Properties

You will also need to configure an Event Name and optional Event Properties. These will be used to send a segment track request. This will be of the form:

  "type": "track",
  "event": your-event-name-here,
  "properties": your-custom-event-properties

Use Cases

Send a 'phone-call' analytics event

Send a 'voicemail' analytics event when it outside of operating hours

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