Think Pickle

What are flows?

Flows allow you to automate all sorts of phone related business logic. There are 2 main types of flows, Call Flows and SMS Flows:

Call flows:

Call flows are used to control what happens when someone calls one of your Pickle numbers. For example:
  • Forwarding incoming calls to another number
  • Constructing IVR menus to forward calls to different departments
  • Recording calls or voicemails outside of operating hours
  • Sending analytics tracking events whenever you get a call

SMS Flows:

These control what happens when someone SMS's one of your numbers but can also be used for outbound SMS campaigns. For example:
  • Auto-respond when someone send an SMS to your phone number
  • Send an SMS welcome when someone signs up to your website, product or service
  • Send a reminder SMS when an appointment is coming up
  • Set up an SMS campaign about a special offer
Check out the examples for more ideas.

The Basics

Adding nodes to the flow

Add nodes to the flow by dragging them from the sidebar.
Click and drag to add nodes to the canvas

Connecting Nodes

Nodes are connected together by with a simple click and drag of the mouse.
Click and drag to connect nodes together

Publishing Flows

You can save your flow continually as you work on it. It will not take effect until you publish it.
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